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June 6, 2009

ATV Riding/Camping at Croom, Withlacoochee State Forrest, FL

Honda TRX90 Muddin'

Honda TRX90 Muddin'

Croom Offroad Motorcycle Area is located off SR 50 and I-275 on the outskirts of  Brooksville, Florida.  It is 2600 acres of land dedicated for ATV and Motor-Cross Bikes and it is great place for family riding.  The park was established in 1973 with the efforts of an organization called the Florida Trail Riders, who are advocates of responsible trail riding and have worked together with the Florida Department of Agriculture to establish safe riding practices.   The terrain is hardwood hammock, tight scrubs, and some wetlands during the rainy season.

Motorcross Bike at Croom

Motorcross Bike at Croom

Parts of it are abandoned mining areas pits that are now part of the  Withlacoochee State Forrest, and that makes for some interesting hill riding.  There is also a lake in the front that can be a huge mud pit during the dry season.   There is also a coral area that is fenced off for the little tikes that are learning how to ride.  Croom definitely has something for everyone. There are easy trails for beginners, wide trails full of whoops for the racer, tight winding trails that can challenge even the best rider, tight hill climbs in mine pit areas, and plenty of areas with water.

Honda Foreman 450 4x4, Croom

Honda Foreman 450 4x4, Croom

The camping area is near the back of the park and has amenities for RV hook ups.  During the winter months, this camping area fills up fast and they do not take reservations.  Although it is nice to wake up and start riding first thing in the morning without having to unload, the Silver Lake Campgroundoff Croom Rital Road is a nice second choice and is just minutes from the Motorcycle Area. For those of you who prefer not to camp, there is a Holiday Inn on SR 50 just outside the entrance of the park and are used to hosting riders.

Camping at Croom Motorcycle Area

Camping at Croom Motorcycle Area

Our Clan Camping at Croom

Our Clan Camping at Croom

We happen to live only an hour from here so naturally that is the place we frequent the most for ATV riding.  There are plenty of trails mapped out by the Forrest rangers, however, there  are also many trails cutting through the woods. This makes for fun riding but can get the average person temporarily disorientated.  The 2600 acres are fenced in so it hard to get lost.   It is easy to get confused and is not a bad idea to carry a GPS until you are familiar with the park. 

Despite the $45 annual riding fee, this area continues to be one of the most popular riding areas in the state.  (see the link below for rules and regulations on riding) 

Rules and Fees

About the Author: Barbara is the owner of  an on-line store Riverbanks  Outdoor Store for several years and has frequently engaged in outdoor sports for years including camping, mountain biking, whitewater rating, kayaking, snorkeling, and hiking.    Barbara also hosts a blog Riverbanks Adventure Forum that focuses on product reviews and adventure vacations.

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